Parents, educators, and students love Lymboo Math. Here is what some of them have said.

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Lymboo Math is a comprehensive program that takes the guesswork out of the best way for individualized practice. With it thorough diagnostic test and differentiated leveling system, I am assured that my students are getting the practice they need at the level that is appropriate. We see certain kids shine in the classroom, but until they outsoar their classmates and end up working at a much advanced level, we don’t realize how far along they really are. Lymboo is a great tool that allows for immediate and specific math homework practice. And the best part is the grading and extension is all taken care of for you. What more could any teacher ask for?

Deborah Vernetti, Fifth grade teacher, Wiesbrook Schoo, IL

Love how my students are able to work independently and still have fun learning.

Heather Ward, Fourth grade teacher, Hargrove Elementary, NC

Lymboo Math is a great tool to plan differentiated instruction based on the students' level of success.

Melanie Blount, Second grade teacher, Woodleaf Elementary School, NC

Absolutely love this program! At first my students thought it was hard, but as they have progressed they can't wait to get on it. They come in in the morning and so excited to tell me what they worked on the night before at home. I wish all teachers used this! Thank you!

Trina Gilbertson, Fifth grade teacher, Pikes Peak Elementary, CO

I use this once a week and I like how it has higher level thinking on some but it also drills one thing into their head a time.

Skya Anderson, First grade teacher, Tabiona School, UT

This is a great practice program, which engages the students and provides enrichment with a challenge.

Tenia Boone, Third grade teacher, Argyle Elementary School, GA

I use Lymboo Math with my advanced level math students. I love how they are able to work through the lessons at their own pace.

Leslie Conrad, Fourth grade teacher, will rogers elementary, TX

My students struggle with math concepts and finishing assignments. Lymboo's diagnostic test did an excellent job of supplying them with the correct assignments to enhance their math learning. The daily assignments are easy to complete and the kids enjoy earning coins for their efforts.

Diana Rodriguez, Third grade teacher, Echo Shaw Elementary School, OR

I am using this with students in the Gifted and Talented Program at my school. It's a great way to keep their skills sharp and is very engaging to them. Also a great way to share progress with parents. I have had teachers ask for a classroom demo to show how it can be used for activity centers as well.

Jeffrey Spivey, Third grade teacher, George Hersey Robertson School, CT

Students are able to work independently on critical concepts. They are given feedback which allows them to address any learning deficiencies.

Mary Spence, Fourth grade teacher, Five Points, AL

My students and I love Lymboo Math. I rotate my students through my three computers. They all did the diagnostic test. They took turns daily rotating through doing the lessons. My students were excited each day to get on and challenge themselves to move the next level. I love it as a diagnostic tool to help me focus my small group teaching on the skills they need to work on. I can focus on the gaps or missing foundation they must master before focusing on the bigger picture.

Laura Prihoda, Second grade teacher, Hutchins Elementary School, TX

I really like this program because it is easy for my students with special needs to navigate. I also appreciate the way the program breaks down the student's strengths and weaknesses on the diagnostics test.

Yvonne Sturm, Third grade teacher, Center Grove Middle School North, IN

I teach students with special needs. Your program is easy and fun for my students. I use it as a reinforcement and and a supplement to the core program. The students enjoyed the program and I like your reports because it allows me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of my students.

Martha Chapa, First grade teacher, Drs. Reed&Mock Elementary, TX

I love that each student is assessed and then can work on a specific skill at their level!

Donna Hrynyk, Third grade teacher, Davis Junior High, MI

This program has helped my students with autism make gains in their math skills.

Yindia Cruz, First grade teacher, Wekiva Elementary School, FL

This is a great tool for classroom use. The website provides remediation in a multi-tiered approach. Highly recommend this for the special education setting as well as for students on RTI. Please consider making an app for a iPad. This would give more students access in the classroom.

Carleen Holbrook, Fifth grade teacher, Eastlake Elementary, OK

So many aspects make this a valuable program. It is easy to enroll students, a diagnostic test given and it is easy to save if students need more time. The lessons are individualized according to the diagnostic test. Students are motivated to complete assignments and tasks to earn rewards. Well Done!

Kathryn Tuttle, Fourth grade teacher, Amanda Arnold, kansas

The program was very useful for my struggling learners. Things learned from class was reinforced with lessons. It helps the other learners maintain the knowledge gain from previous grades. This is a great supplement to use at home to support the classroom.

Marie Williams, Fifth grade teacher, Benbrook Middle School, TX

I am using Lymboo Math to differentiate and individualize math for each student. I love that it is a software program that can meet each student where they are on their individual level, then map out a plan for each student to help them improve and grow in their levels of ability and skill.

Marsha Holland, Third grade teacher, Bessemer City Central, NC

My 3rd graders use Lymboo Math as part of our morning start-up routine. They love the daily assignments that are specific for them. I love the emailed updates and information as the kids move through the stages.

Lynda Ross, Third grade teacher, Hanover Street Elementary, PA

Lymboo Math is one of the students' friendly resources. It track down their progress over the year and helps the students work on the problems they're having issues with.

Myrna Lawson, First grade teacher, Lakeside, UT

I love that my students beg to do it! Who would think the kiddos would beg to do math! They enjoy it so much!

Amy Peterson, First grade teacher, Park Side Elementary, MN

I am using Lymboo Math in my high school Discrete Math and Algeo 1 Math classes. I love it! The kids are motivated to do well and are finally asking questions.."how do you do this?" instead of just guess and check. I am using it to fill in the basic skills that the students should have acquired but haven't.

Carole Buelter, Fourth grade teacher, Steamboat Springs High School, CO

I use Lymboo Math as part of an independent functioning strategy. My students are able to work alone and with confidence. It has worked really well to have parental involvement too. The kids love showing "how it's done!" The bonus of the program is the progress they are making in math.

Karen Bornholm, Third grade teacher, Rainbow Elelmentary, FL

The program is becoming a great asset for my students in study skills. I love the fact the lessons are at their individual levels. It is like having another teacher in the room to fill in those gaps.

Alyson Griffith, Fifth grade teacher, Wall Intermediate , NJ

I teach students with disabilities and this program helps them to learn math and to take computer tests. I love the way the curriculum is broken down.

Cathy Mckenzie, Kindergarten teacher, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, VA

I use it for independent work time during my small group instruction time of my math block. The kids like it!

Angie Bersaw, Third grade teacher, Plaza Elementary School, ND

I use the daily lessons to introduce new concepts. I use the drills to reinforce basic facts.

Matt Pearson, Fifth grade teacher, Maple Park, MO

I use it at the beginning of our lab time each day. The children like it and it gets their minds working in a fun way.

Claudette Greynolds, Third grade teacher, Braxton County Schools, WV

I am loving this for my special education students. The daily assignments are just what they need and the exercises help with the sections that are challenging.

Robin King, Third grade teacher, Eastern Heights Elementary, MN

I am using Lymboo Math to track the progress of their new learning of math concepts.

Cindy Dallas, Third grade teacher, H W Wilkey Elementary School, KY

I enjoy using lymboo math because it keeps me up to date on my students progress and how often they are accessing the sight. My students have said to me that they love lymboo math.

Larecia Waters, Fourth grade teacher, Clay Academy, TX

I'm am using Lymboo to see what level my kids really are and how I can bring them up to the level they need to be at.

Christine Child, Fifth grade teacher, Lorenzo De Zavala Middle School, TX

I love the diagnostic test and the fact that you have math facts to practice.

Crystal Mejia, First grade teacher, John Stallings Elementary School, CA

I like that students can work independently and can automatically view their success after they are done.

Jessica Renteria, First grade teacher, Gonzalez Elementary, TX

Lymboo math has given my student confidence to keep going or to try to understand the problems more clearly. The confidence is still not there when trying to solve COUNTING problems. We are continuing to work on this together.

Alisa Smith-martin, First grade teacher, Lincoln M.S., IN

Great website!

Nancy Schranz, Fourth grade teacher, Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary, NM

I think this is a great way to get kids ready for computer based testing!

Staci Duenn, Fifth grade teacher, Summit School, IL

I am using it to place my special needs students and monitor their progress. It has been very useful so far.

Sarah Jenkins, First grade teacher, Conley, TX

Lymboo Math is used in the computer lab as RTI to boost confidence in students that have trouble. The enrichment students love this program because of the challenge it gives them. This program also gives reports that show each child's need/strength. The students love Lymboo Math!!!

Amy Warner, Third grade teacher, Liberty Elementar, KY

I take Fridays as Lymboo days. I like how each student works at the level they are at. The students like the idea of getting coins which I recognize at certain amounts gained. The work they are doing is great to reinforce things thay have already done.

Greg Parks, Fourth grade teacher, Northwood-Kensett Elementary School, IA

I used Lymboo math last year to help my students reinforce their skills in math and taking tests via computer. I love the newly added test prep reinforcement.

Angela Reilly, Fourth grade teacher, Carter Elementary, MI

We are using Lymboo in my math class. My students are really enjoying it and I am happy knowing that they are all working on programs at their level.

Danielle Carstens, Third grade teacher, Brookdale Elementary School, IL

Lymboo math is a wonderful supplemental tool for individualizing curriculum to meet students' needs. It is easy to use, and the students enjoy doing the learning activities and assignments.

Lauralee Raukar, Fifth grade teacher, Keewatin Elementary School, MN

My kids love Lymboo Math! They think it's lots of fun. They also say the skills they are given are exactly what they needed more practice with.

Helene Gold, Fourth grade teacher, Anne Frank, TX


Nervein Bastien, Third grade teacher, E.W.F Stirrup Elementary School, FL

This has been a wonderful program my students enjoyed working on.

Marissa Marrero, Third grade teacher, Sun City Elementary School, LA

I love that my students are loving going on the computer each day and complete their lesson. It is not a struggle and they are really enjoying it.

Cinnamon Theder, Fourth grade teacher, Webster Elementary School, CA

"We use it to reinforce math concepts. Love the program!"

Mary Magas, First grade teacher, Woodland Elementary Charter School, GA

I use Lymboo Math so I can inspire my students to love math even when they are not in school. I also use it for home/school connections.

Sharmela Chandrashekhar, First grade teacher, P.S. 62 Chester Park, NY

My students use Lymboo Math as a way to practice their math and taking a test. They prefer this over other programs I have them use. I love the variety of the math. The questions have a variety of levels of math.

Lorraine Wilkins, Second grade teacher, Middletown Springs Elementary School, VT

I like how it reinforces the skills that my students are weak in.

L Sturzl, Fifth grade teacher, Bruce, WI

I use Lymboo Math during my math centers as well as after school tutoring. I love how you can track student progress.

Matthew Sheehan, Third grade teacher, Rex-Rennert, NC

Easy to use and love the reports.

Rachel Turnbough, Second grade teacher, barkdull faulk, LA

I use it daily with all my students for enrichment and intervention. Thanks for providing this service to my students.

Victoria Kaaz, First grade teacher, Wells Station Elementary School, TN

I use Lymboo every day for my students in the resource room who have gaps in their math skills. We catch and improve everyone.

Patricia Pfeiffer, Fifth grade teacher, Northfield Middle School, MN

It is a great tool to use with at-risk students.

Avis Sutton, Third grade teacher, Sunset Elementary School, WA

All the students enjoy being able to work at their own pace. To finish and get positive feedback immediately works well for children. This gives students something positive to do once finishing other work.

Sheila Olson, Kindergarten teacher, Ovo/Barstow international school in Huizhou, Guangdong province

it is a wonderful tool to help students with math.

Rachel Jude, Kindergarten teacher, LBJ Elementary, KY

I used Lymboo Math last year with my students and they loved it. What I love the most is the pretest. This helped with differentiation. Each student was able to work on his/her level and be successful. Thank you for such a great program!!

Fatou Sanyang, First grade teacher, Gibbons Street Elementary, FL

My students LOVE this program. They are even working on it at home in the evenings!

Darcie Bahr, Second grade teacher, Clark Middle School, IN

Very engaging. The students love to work with Lymboo.

Milton Rojas, Third grade teacher, Britain, TX

love it!

Deborah Campbell, Fifth grade teacher, joe henderson elementary, CA

This is a really good way to practice math. I love how it levels my students for me.

Melinda Sayers, Fifth grade teacher, Hooper School, UT

My daughter loves Lymboo Math, so I want to share this opportunity with my students.

Danielle Hazelwood, Fourth grade teacher, Broad Ford Elementary, MD

I like Lymboo Math because it gives the children extra help in how to take a test on the computer. It is great because it is common core based which is what the schools are now teaching the children. I use it in computer lab as extra help with math.

Brenda Chumley, First grade teacher, Reidville Elementary, SC

I love how Lymboo Math sends me the report on how each child performed on their diagnostic exam. I also believe it is beneficial for the children to see/hear the questions asked by someone other than me or their math program. As we have been battling snow, ice, wind and polar vortexes, the parents have appreciated having meaningful work their child can do at home.

Teresa Ranieri, First grade teacher, PS 11, NY

I use it to supplement my math program and challenge some of my students. I encourage them to use it at home.

Barbara Waldrip, First grade teacher, Seymour Elementary School, TX

I am currently using Lymboo as a test prep resource. I love that each student gets their own learning path!

Jennifer Roberts, Fourth grade teacher, Whitesburg Elementary School, GA

I have 29 students this year with a range of an annual goal to add/subtract to sums/differences to 18 up to grade 8 abilities. Having this technology available supports meeting individual, diverse needs.

Val Agnew, Fourth grade teacher, Lewis & Clark School, MT

I absolutely love Lymboo! My students are so engaged and enjoying math practice! Many of my students even used Lymboo at home during Christmas break! Thank you for making my students want to do more math!!

Karen Whitworth, Third grade teacher, W. H. Rhodes Elementary School, FL

I love Lymboo, it is a great scaffolding resource to help compact my kids.

Joy Best, Fifth grade teacher, A-H-S-T Elementary School, IA

I use my Lymboo Math during Intervention and as an afterschool program. It's GREAT!!!

Geraldine Glenn, Third grade teacher, Fairfield Magnet for Math and Science, SC

I use this with my homebound students and it lets them not only work on basic skills, but these kids aren't with me everyday and they can continue to work on skills and I can see their progress. We can discuss where they are going and the kids love understanding that they have to challenge themselves to win the certificates. I Love this program!

Sherri Gleeson, Fifth grade teacher, Highland Middle school, IN

I love the program!

Donna Necci, First grade teacher, Bridge City Elementary, TX

I like being able to monitor my students!

Steph Skar, Second grade teacher, Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary School, ND

I like that it is self-paced for the students and graded.

Don Gilmore, Fifth grade teacher, Springdale Elementary, WA

I love it so far, thanks! Diagnostic test is great at this time of year!

Leanne Fisher, Fourth grade teacher, Liberty Elementary School, TX

I like Lymboo math. It is a great way for students see the area of math they understand and the area that they need more practice. I use it to build my students concepts of math.

Verta Thompson, Second grade teacher, Fennell Elementary School, SC

Great resource for math!

Linda Lanza, Fifth grade teacher, Longleaf Elementary, FL

The students who have used the program find it exciting & easy to use.

Joyce Rizzo, Fifth grade teacher, Curtis Fundamental, FL

I use it when my students are done with their assignments. They look forward to earning badges. Its a motivation for them to challenge themselves in a fun, and educative method.

Melva Schrunk, First grade teacher, Kendall Elementary, TX

I love that my parents are able to set up an account and monitor their student

Karen Waldon, Third grade teacher, T.J.Lee, TX

I am working with high school students in a pre-k to high "center" (all special needs students) school. My students are non-verbal ASD with cognitive and behavior challenges. They have responded well to working on the introductory sections. Seeing their names on a "SmarBoard", where all lessons take place, makes it more personal. I have put them in teams of two and this is also working well as they compete for the best time and highest percentage of accuracy. Thank you for the free program offer and the work of your development team, great job!

Robert Kent, First grade teacher, Paul B. Stephens, FL

I am using Lymboo to have my students practice the types of skills needed to be successful on the new state standards testing model.

James Zdziarski, Fifth grade teacher, Jefferson Elementary, IL

Thanks yo Lymboo math. Really a good educational tool for kids.

Peter busienei, Fourth grade teacher, Stuart Burns Elementary School, TN

I use this as a center or morning work. It has great problems that make the kids think about number sense.

Laura Salow, Fifth grade teacher, Woodleaf Elementary School, NC

I use Lymboo Math to provide instruction and practice for a student on my special education caseload. His math skills are well below his classmates' and Lymboo Math allows him to practice the exact areas where he needs to increase his skills. He is able to work on this program at school and at home, and he seems to enjoy the independence and structure this program provides. I like the feedback I get about his progress.

Anne Payton, Fifth grade teacher, Northwood Middle School, WA

The students are motivated to work on this program for Math because it is on the computer. It is a wonderful program and both teacher and student friendly.

Sr. m. margaret Gibbons, Fourth grade teacher, St. Catherine School, OK

Like the individualizations.

Madeleine Tarleton, Third grade teacher, Franklin Elementary School, NJ

Diagnostic test is helpful.

Colette Babson, Fourth grade teacher, Reed, WA

I like how it lets me know strengths & weaknesses & general class weakness

Nancy Rome, Kindergarten teacher, Galvez Primary School, LA

Love the connection this website makes with the Common Core!

Jamie Ewalt, Fifth grade teacher,

I love the reports it provides and the progress monitoring. My students love doing the tasks.

Crystal Moore, Second grade teacher, College Park Elementary School, CA

Students are able to read objectives and see how they are doing on a lesson activity. Students are developing independent skills. We are limited to two computers in the class for each session. The goal is to complete one lesson daily.

Glorine Townsend, Fifth grade teacher, Curiale School, CT

My students are still finishing the diagnostic test, as I only have 1 computer that is consistently available for them to use outside of their computer lab time every 3 days. Having computer testing available as we move toward common core is also helpful. I like having students able to practice at their level. Some students practice at home and have been showing improvement. I appreciate having on-line resources available to direct parents to when they want extra help for their child.

Dee Altermott, Fifth grade teacher, Fairmount Elementary, WA

I love the fact that my students can work at their pace until they fully understand the concept!

Jacque Holmquist, Fourth grade teacher, Uintah, UT

My students enjoy the challenge of learning new math concepts as they maintain their current on grade level skills.

Valerie Cole, Second grade teacher, Ebenezer Elementary, GA

Great I like it!

Sandra Hespe, Kindergarten teacher, North Elementary - 13, SD

Love the individualized reports!

Kari Anderson, Third grade teacher, Crestview, MN

My students use Lymboo Math to practice their skills at home and in school. It helps with the automaticity of basic facts too. Students also practiced test prep questions aligned with the common core. Thank you so much!

Tonia Bauer, Fourth grade teacher, Southwest Elementary School, IL

I just love Lymboo Math. I have six computers in my classroom and the students use it during center time. I also use it as an intervention with some students.

Andelia Olivares, First grade teacher, Matias De Llano, Jr, TX

After whole group instruction on a skill or concept, I give a Lymboo assignment for practice in that area.

Deborah Filson, Fifth grade teacher, Indian Valley Elem., PA

I really LOVE this program. Not only does it offer a review service/tool for the students, I can track their successes!

Marilyn Vanderpool, Third grade teacher, Corkscrew Elementary, FL

I use in my classroom to help students with their weak spots. I love how it adjusts to their independent levels.

Shereen Hale, First grade teacher, Norwood Elementary, FL

Very easy to use!

Laura Murphy, Second grade teacher, A J Jordak Elementary School, OH

I like the way the questions are posed. It makes the students think. Reading the problems on the computer and then working them out is exactly the practice they need for FCAT, as the FCAT is computer based. Thank you so much for the enrichment and benefits derived from the practices.

Loyda Rodriguez, Fifth grade teacher, Lewis Anna Woodbury , FL

My students love using it!

Karol Leaptrott, Second grade teacher, Central, CA

My students enjoy working with the math using the Lymboo Math program. We go to the computer lab every other week so that they can work on the assignments. It provides remediation for my ESOL kids and it teaches concepts that they have not mastered in the elementary grades.

Beverly Fludd-flanagan, Fifth grade teacher, Lake Ridge Middle, VA

Love it!

Mindy Leonard, Third grade teacher, Sunset Lakes Elementary, FL

My students use Lymboo Math everyday as their beginning assignment for their computer rotation for our math time. They like that they feel successful because it is a good balance of what they know and what they need practice in.

Lisa Burnett, First grade teacher, Leesville Road Elementary, VA

I utilize Lymboo Math to keep students on top of Common Core Curriculum.

Gail Easter, Fifth grade teacher, Kirby Middle School, TN

My students LOVE Lymboo Math! It has really reinforced what we are learning in class. Thank you.

Sheryl Flinders, Fourth grade teacher, Lakeside, UT

I use Lymboo math daily with my K students. They are learning skills that they need to succeed in 1st grade next year on an individual schedule.

Mary May, Kindergarten teacher, Cross Elementary, SC

I use Lymboo as an intervention for those struggling in math.

Teresa Hulsman, Second grade teacher, Auburndale Elementary, KY

I use it in a Title I classroom for differentiated instruction.

Kelly Belleville, Third grade teacher, Lincoln Elementary School, MN

It's a great program!! My students absolutely love getting on it when we go to the computer lab.

Amiee Ellis, Second grade teacher, Carter's Valley Elementary School, TN

Great program. My students benefited by getting comfortable using an online math program, our standardized test is now on-line. The diagnostic test was a great tool to look for strengths and weaknesses. Allowing students summer access is a wonderful touch.
Thank you,

Ted Zervos, Fifth grade teacher, Glen Dale Elementary, WV

My students love working on Lymboo math. They use it whenever they complete their work , during computer time, and several use it at home. Thanks for allowing my students to master those skills not mastered in their elementary days.

Roxanne Wells, Fifth grade teacher, St. Pauls Middle, NC

Since I teach special education, I have used the information provided by the results of the diagnostic test to assess my students' areas of difficulty. For the remainder of the school year, I will use Lymboo Math as an additional tool to monitor my students' IEP math goals/objectives.

Gina Smiley, Fifth grade teacher, Southern Middle School, KY

I use Lymboo for differentiation. I like the fact that it is student driven.

Karen Polk, Fifth grade teacher, Madisonville Junior High, LA

Students use Lymboo Math on iPads daily during one of our daily math rotations. It is an easy way for the teacher to differentiate math instruction. Practice at home is optional but encouraged. The teacher reports are clear and provide useful feedback.

Jane Butler, Second grade teacher, St. Bridget School, VA

I love Lymboo math! My kids love the challenge.

Jennie Kidd, Fifth grade teacher, Mountain Pine Elementary School, AR

Kids love to get on Lymboo. It gives good data on how each student is progressing.

Brittany Ellis, First grade teacher, Cook Primary School, GA

Diagnostic test accurately places students where they are.

Paul Colvin, Fourth grade teacher, Lewis Elementary school, AL

I love it! It is personalized to each student's abilities!

Jennifer Goodwin, Kindergarten teacher, Mosheim School, TN

We are just getting started with Lymboo and so far it has been great! My students seem to be very excited about using the program. They are able to work independently at their own pace on skills that are appropriate for each child. I am planning on using this as extra practice for students at school and hopefully at home as well.

Sarah Ferguson, Kindergarten teacher, Independence Academy, MO

This is my experience with Lymboo Math. In the past, I have used Study Island, which is a great tool for assessing TEKS and STAAR. The district is using Think Through Math, which is somewhat complicated for all-ready struggling students. So far, I like what I see because it has accurately assessed exactly where my students should "start" (much to my astonishment). I am excited thus far!

Tina Randall, Fourth grade teacher, Central Elementary , NC

So far, our students have enjoyed using Lymboo. I really like that it always has assignments ready. The diagnostic assessment allowed my students to save their progress, so they didn't need to finish in one class period.

Joshua Kelly, Fourth grade teacher, Tri-City, KS

I love to do Lymboo math every day. I like to do Lymboo more on weekends because we earn double coins for every assignments. l will do lots and lots of Lymboo math.

Parent of Kirti

This is a really great site so far I am so thankful for my son's school to have started this program for him. He really looks forward to do this program all the time so no more asking about being able to play app games or video games... It is now can I play Lymboo mom....and out of all the programs I pay for online this one is the best by far. Not only does he have fun but I noticed he is really catching on more and really learning and soaking what he learns in because he really enjoys this program. You know what they say if your interested and enjoy what you do you learn way better...and this program really does that for my son...So all I can say is YAY! And Thank You so much of course...!

Parent of Kurtis

This a amazing program! My children beg me to open the computer just to do this!!!!

Parent of Kevin

My daughter is excited to learn and very motivated to go the next topic. Lymboo has helped her significantly in her weak areas.

Parent of Stephanie

I love how it has it set right to the your level.

Parent of Landon

My daughter just said to me, "The more I do it, the more I like it!" This makes me very happy.

Parent of Ashlee

Our daughter has developed a strong "will" to succeed at math through the innovative "pat on the back" reward system. Not only does Lymboo math help your child develop superior math skills but also the will and confidence do do it themselves. Thank you so much for this tool...the earnings from this tool will help Aanjini all her life

Parent of Aanjini

I love this website. My son enjoys doing math on Lymboo. It tracks his progress after each assignment.

Parent of Ryan

We use Lymboo Math to supplement classroom work. My son has challenges when it comes to numbers and how they work, the different mathematical relationships, and understanding patterns with his facts. I Love Lymboo math because it starts with the basics and works toward higher skills. The rewards are attainable and there are just enough problems before my son becomes frustrated and disengaged.

Parent of Siegen

I like the way my son loves to get on this site to get better at math. He loves it and stays on it for hours.

Parent of Cindy

This is awesome, especially how my daughter is growing in math grades, because she is being challenged!

Parent of Leanne

Lymboo math is the best thing that has happened to my child!

Parent of Weathersbee

Amazing website!

Parent of Emma

It makes my kid more intelligent! Got 3 A+!!

Parent of Ava

lymboo is great. it has me practice for the test so that i can get the hang of it. Who ever invented this website made it easier for children to learn and have fun by teaching math and when you complete the tests you get coins determined on your score, with the coins children also learn how to save up money and not spend it on things you might not even use. thank you lymboo for existing :)

Parent of Stella

My son is loving this. Thank you.

Parent of Alex

My son loves Lymboo math. He wants to do all of the assignments.

Parent of Matthew

Lymboo is really helping my child learn.

Parent of Hargurleen

I love the fact that it's helping kids understand math better. Lymboo you rock!

Parent of Kennedy

My daughter is not struggling anymore. Thank you Lymboo!

Parent of Aliyah

We love Lymboo!

Parent of Shekinah

A great Math Program, my kid loves it.

Parent of Zak

I use Lymboo Math to supplement my son's school curriculum. I like the way the information builds slowly and frequently reviews the information. It seems to help him retain the information better.

Parent of Jude

It's a really good program for my child.

Parent of Mckela

Lymboo is a nice program to practice and reinforce math.

Parent of Kaelyn

What I love about Lymboo Math is that you get to learn easily and have fun online!

Parent of David

We love Lymboo for our children.

Parent of Jameson

Lymboo is a great way to learn. Kids love this website and I do too! ;)

Parent of Emily

Lymboo math as been a great tool in helping my son. It is a great way to keep up with his progress. THANKS!

Parent of Corwin

My son loves this program and it is great help for his math skills! :)

Parent of Spence-thomas

We love it!

Parent of Clarence

The creators who made Lymboo Math, I have to thank them.

Parent of Janene

I love Lymboo Math because it is a smart program for math.It helps you learn alot especially the tests. Thank You Lymboo Math ! It will make my teacher very happy.


I use math facts daily before doing regular Lymboo math assignments. I clearly see that the rigorous practice structure is helping me.


Lymboo helps you succeed and focus better. It helps you understand more about the thing that you don't get.


I used to get F now i get A+ with Lymboo and I love it because it helped me get good grades and it made me feel good when I got A+.


Lymboo is fun and I can learn a lot.


I love how you can get coins for doing your math assignments and shows you your trophies and how you can get your own little avatars.


I love how you get trophies and when I get a gold one I do a happy dance if I'm alone. :)


Lymboo math is fun and I love to do math.


I love Lymboo because I can get an A on my report card on math.


Lymboo math is fun! They challenge you to do more things.


Awesome math problems!


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